Exercise Without Equipment


Workout Without Weights

Floor Squat Stand with feet wider than shoulders and place hands on the floor or a chair (depending on flexibility). Bend knees and, keeping weight in the heels, lower butt until it's parallel to floor (or as low as you can). Keep abs in and make sure you can see your toes.

Wall Push Up Stand a few feet away from a wall or a high stair railing and place hands on wall or rail wider than shoulders. Pull the abs in and, keeping back straight, bend elbows and lower body towards the wall/rail until elbows are at 90 degree angles.
Stand in split stance, feet about three feet apart using a chair or rail for balance. Keeping torso straight, bend knees and lower body come back up. Repeat for all reps and switch legs.

Rear Delt with Good Mornings Bend at the waist keeping the back flat (or slightly arched) until the torso is parallel to the floor, arms straight down. Raise arms out to the sides to shoulder level like an airplane, palms facing down and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Lower the arms, stand and repeat. Hold weights for added intensity.

Bicep Curl with Lateral Raise Stand with feet hip-width apart holding light dumbbells in front of thighs, palms out. Bend elbows and bring weights towards the shoulders (without swinging). Lower back down, turn palms until they face each other and lift straight out to the sides stopping at shoulder level and keeping elbows slightly bent. Lower and repeat.

Tricep Press Sit on a ball or chair and hold a light-medium dumbbell in both hands with arms extended overhead, elbows next to ears, arms straight. Bend elbows and slowly lower weight behind you until elbows are at 90 degrees, keep the elbows in and right next to ears. Contract triceps and straighten elbows to beginning.

Crunches Lie on your back with your hands crossed across your chest or supporting the head, knees bent. Contract abs to lift shoulders off the floor, bringing rib cage towards the pelvis. Hold for two counts, then lower slowly to the starting position. Repeat.

Oblique Crossover Crunches Lie on your back and cross right foot over left knee. Lift shoulder blades off the floor and curl left shoulder towards right knee, contracting the right side of waist. Lower and repeat on the same side before switching sides


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